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Internal Audit

 Outsourcing the Internal Audit Function       

        We specialize in outsourcing the internal audit function to corporations that have no internal audit department of their own. We cosource internal auditing with companies whose local internal audit resources are limited. 


Internal Control Reviews

        We do internal control reviews for entire companies or in specific areas. The internal controls we recommend will not stifle creativity and enterprise. We are very much aware that fraud cannot exist without trust but we are equally aware that neither can business. The key to a successful internal control program is to strike the right balance between oversight and trust.


Fraud Prevention

              A fraud victim will want to understand what happened in order to prevent the fraud from occuring again. Our auditors specialize in discovering the answers to vital questions. How did it happen? When did it start? How much is involved? Who is responsible? Was there an override of internal controls? What is the probability of damage recovery?