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Due Dilligence


Financial Due Dilligence


Our financial due dilligence reports assist companies that are considering a joint venture or strategic alliance with a potential partner. Our clients may want to confirm if the numbers being presented to them are real. We verify on an up-to-date basis if the revenue figures are genuine. We audit accounts receivable and accounts payable. We look at fixed assets and major expense accounts. We verify tax payments are up-to-date. We look closely at potential legal liabilities. Financial due diligences are undertaken with the full cooperation of the management staff of the potential partner.

Reputational Due Dilligence

The objective of our reputational due dilligence reports is risk mitigation. We obtain critical information on potential investors, representatives, suppliers, customers or key employees. What is the reputation of the principals and how are their business ethics? What is the management style and how are employee relations? What is their track record with customers and suppliers? What is the background of the principals? Do they have criminal records? Do they have the university degrees they claim? Who legally owns the company? Is the company a money laundering front?